ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Learning Google Tag Manager
E-Book on Google Tag Manager Data Layers (62 pages)
Discover what you need to know about Google Tag Manager Data Layers
WHAT'S INSIDE: My Step-by-step blueprint (62 pages) for Getting Started with Data Layers
GTM is a really powerful tool and understanding the data layer is the key to getting the most out of Google Tag Manager.
What is so different about this book is that, first it is only the book on data layer ever published. Second it actually teach you the JavaScript required to create a data layer. 

All other resources on data layers assume that you already know JavaScript or they simply tell you to figure it out on your own. But you really cannot create, use or even understand data layers, if you do not understand the JavaScript behind it.
Table of Contents
#1 Why JavaScript?

#2 Role of JavaScript in a Web Document

#3 How to add JavaScript to a Web Document

#4 Introduction to JavaScript statements

#5 Order of execution of JavaScript Statements

#6 JavaScript and White Spaces

#7 Introduction to Comments in JavaScript

#8 Introduction to JavaScript Variables

#9 The Assignment Operator ‘

#10 How to use the value of a JavaScript Variable

#11 Rules for naming JavaScript Variables

#12 Best practices for creating variable names in JavaScript

#13 Introduction to JavaScript Keywords

#14 Data Types in JavaScript

#15 Strings in JavaScript

#16 Introduction to Data Layer

#17 Advantage of using a Data Layer

#18 Data layer vs DOM scraping

#19 Introduction to Arrays in JavaScript

#20 How to create an Array Variable

#21 Introduction to Objects in JavaScript

#22 Introduction to Data Layer Variables

#23 Initializing a Data Layer Variable

#24 How to push information into a Data Layer

#25 Overwriting the value of data layer variable

#26 Dynamic data layer variables

#27 Introduction to 'event' data layer variable

#28 Guidelines for naming data layer variables

#29 Renaming a data layer

#30 Introduction to Universal data layer

#31 gtm.js, gtm.dom and gtm.load events

#32 How to inspect the data layer on a web page

#33 Data Layer Variable in Google Tag Manager

#34 Data Layers FAQ

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